Merchant Registration

To register as a merchant with Paylink, the following steps need to be completed:

  1. Check License: πŸ”—

    • Obtain license information from the merchant, which can be a Saudi freelance certificate or a Saudi Commercial Registration.
    • This step ensures that the merchant has the necessary legal documentation to operate as a business entity.
  2. Validate Mobile: πŸ”—

    • Verify the merchant's mobile number through a validation process.
    • The merchant will receive a One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS, which needs to be entered to complete the mobile validation.
    • This step ensures that the provided mobile number is valid and associated with the merchant.
  3. Add Merchant Information: πŸ”—

    • Collect essential information related to the merchant.
    • This includes details such as the merchant's bank information, International Bank Account Number (IBAN), email address, and password.
    • The provided information is crucial for setting up the merchant's account and enabling payment transactions.
  4. Confirm with Nafath: πŸ”—

    • After submitting the merchant information, the merchant needs to confirm their account with Nafath, a designated app.
    • Opening the Nafath App is required to approve the merchant's application and verify their identity.
    • It is important to periodically check the Nafath confirmation status to stay updated on the progress of the registration.
  5. Activation Webhook: πŸ”—

    • The Activation Webhook serves as a notification mechanism for merchant activation or rejection by Paylink.
    • Upon successful activation or rejection, a JSON object is sent to the webhook subscriber via a POST request.
    • The webhook subscriber can use this information to trigger further actions or notifications related to the merchant's account status.

Completing these steps ensures a smooth and comprehensive registration process for merchants on the Paylink platform. It helps verify the merchant's credentials, establish their account, and provide a streamlined experience for future payment transactions.