1. Environment Setup

Before proceeding with the payment integration, it's crucial to set up your environment correctly. Paylink API supports two primary environments: Testing Environment and Production Environment

API Server Base (API Link)

Testing Environment


Production Environment


API Credentials

Testing Environment

API IDAPP_ID_1123453311
SECRET KEY0662abb5-13c7-38ab-cd12-236e58f43766

Production Environment

API IDObtained from my.paylink.sa
SECRET KEYObtained from my.paylink.sa

How to obtain the production keys from my.paylink.sa:


Paylink Subscription

To obtain the API ID & Secret Key, subscribe to a Paylink package that supports API access.


Double Check

Depending on whether you are testing or deploying your payment integration, ensure that you use the correct credentials and API Base Link to avoid any issues during the process.


Important Note

Your API keys carry many privileges, so be sure to keep them secret, and accessible only to authorized personnel.