Get Merchant Keys

This endpoint allows partners to retrieve API credentials (API ID and Secret Key) for a specific sub-merchant. These credentials are necessary for sub-merchants to interact with Paylink's APIs securely.


GET /rest/partner/getMerchantKeys/{searchType}/{searchValue}?profileNo={profileNo}

Query Parameters

ParameterValue TypeRequiredDescription
searchTypeStringYesPath variable for the search type
searchValueStringYesPath variable for the search value
profileNoStringYesProfile number of the partner associated with the merchant

The following table gives more information about the parameters searchType and searchValue:

searchTypeDescriptionsearchValue (example)
crCommercial Registration of the merchant2012345678910
freelancerFreelancer document of the merchantFL-312345678
mobileMobile of the merchant0512345678
emailE-Mail of the merchant[email protected]
accountNoThe account number of the merchant in Paylink31992123456789

Request Headers

AuthorizationYesBearer token provided by Authentication Endpoint
AcceptYesIt must be set to application/JSON.
Content-TypeYesIt must be set to application/JSON.
  "Authorization": "Bearer [id_token]",
  "Accept": "application/json",
  "Content-Type": "application/json"


The API response will be a JSON object containing the API credentials for the specified merchant.

Field nameField typeDescription
idIntegerUnique identifier for the API credentials
merchantIdIntegerThe merchant's ID
merchantPhoneStringPhone number of the merchant
apiIdStringAPI ID associated with the merchant
secretKeyStringSecret Key associated with the merchant

Example Response

  "id": 761,
  "merchantId": 3906,
  "merchantPhone": "0512345678",
  "apiId": "APP_ID_123456789",
  "secretKey": "1a420f9c-4493-aaaa-9654-37cd21ea33e6"


Important Note

Ensure these keys are handled with care and only shared with authorized parties to maintain the security of your integrations.