Retry OTP

Retry Mobile OTP

Endpoint: POST /api/partner/register/retry-otp

Description: Retry sending a mobile OTP for registration.


sessionUuidstringSession UUID of the registration.Yes
mobileNumberstringMobile number of the user.Yes
partnerProfileNostringPartner profile number.Yes
  • Headers
    • Authorization (string, required): Bearer token.


  • Body

    • Same as request body.
  • HTTP Status Codes

    • 200 OK: OTP retried successfully.
    • 400 Bad Request: Invalid request parameters.
    • 401 Unauthorized: Authentication failed or token expired.
    • 500 Internal Server Error: Server encountered an unexpected condition.


  • Secured endpoint, requires MERCHANT_API_ACCOUNT role.
  • Logging implemented for request and response.