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PayLink APIs enable you to accept payments securely and integrate your app with PayLink's first-party product website. Build full-featured business apps for yourself or many Paylink sellers.

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PayLink provides collections of APIs that work together to solve various problems. As a result, developers can build solutions using the PayLink platform to meet the business needs of PayLink sellers.

You sign up for a PayLink account and test API calls using API Explorer in Getting Started. You also view the transactions in the API logs and verify the transactions in the PayLink Seller Dashboard.

📝PayLink applications

PayLink allows you to create a unique purchase link for each product, containing product images and details, with the possibility of paying through the same link. You can then publish the link on all social media platforms and take advantage of the significant number of visitors to those platforms to grow your sales, and Paylink mobile app will notify you every time a customer makes a purchase (with order details and customer address)

This feature allows you to convert social media platforms to your stores without building an independent store and incurring the trouble of programming and marketing.

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