Paylink Application

The Paylink application simplifies the process of invoicing and receiving payments for your products, all directly from your smartphone. With Paylink, you can effortlessly send invoices and accept payments without the need for a physical store or complex integrations with E-payment gateways.

Application features

  • Unique purchase link for each product.
  • URL payments.
  • Quick payments transactions.
  • Supports MADA, VISA, MasterCard, Apple Pay, STC Pay, and more.
  • Supports all Saudi Banks.
  • Quick Settlements to your bank account.

Unique Purchase Link for Each Product

PayLink enables you to generate a distinct purchase link for each product, complete with images and details. This link supports direct payments and can be shared across social media for increased sales.

Our mobile app alerts you instantly upon each purchase, providing order specifics and customer addresses. Transform social platforms into your storefront effortlessly, bypassing the complexities of independent store development and marketing.