Merchant Registration using Migration

The merchant registration process with Paylink involves several crucial steps to ensure a seamless and secure onboarding experience. Each step is designed to gather and verify essential information about the merchant, facilitating a smooth transition and integration into the Paylink system.

To register as a merchant with Paylink, the following steps need to be completed:

  1. Migrate Account: πŸ”—

    • This endpoint migrates an account based on the registration migration request provided.
  2. Verify Mobile OTP: πŸ”—

    • This endpoint verifies the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to the merchant's mobile number during registration. It ensures the provided OTP is valid and matches the session UUID and partner profile number.
  3. Check Nafath Account: πŸ”—

    • This endpoint checks the Nafath account status based on the Nafath check request provided. It verifies the user's registration details and returns a response with the Nafath account status and additional information.
  4. Retry Nafath Request: πŸ”—

    • This endpoint retries the Nafath request for a given partner. It uses the provided callback URL and headers to send a retry request for the Nafath process.
  5. Webhook for Nafath: πŸ”—

    • These endpoints handle the registration and submission of additional information for partners. During these processes, a webhook is created to communicate with external services such as Nafath and send notifications and updates about the registration process.